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Fully Loaded Ergonomic Chair: Montana Mesh Chair by Megaoffice

Do you get tired of the cheap and low quality office chairs that are offered in various e-commerce website? Frankly speaking, It's not a bad idea to buy a totally brand new office chair online at a price of P900 to P1,500 each...but how long will it last? 6 months? 1 year? Now this is a better suggestion for you. Why not consider purchasing a good quality office mesh ergonomic chair (like ours!) which will cost P3,000 to P3,200 each but will last until 5-8 years? Think about it!

MONTANA MESH CHAIR is the ultimate choice for smart ones! Why is there a need to buy an overpriced mesh executive chairs in various online shops wherein you have doubt on warranty and credibility of the items. You can now check actual items of Montana Mesh Chair in all branches of Megaoffice Furniture Shop nationwide.

If you are considering this offer. Just drop by and check out actual items in any of our Megaoffice showroom ( QC / Cavite / Laguna / Batangas / Bulacan / Pampanga ) so you may see for yourself the physical chair. Do not be fooled by pretty pics posted online, go for actual physical items. Furthermore, we issue BIR-registered sales invoice, so you are assured of the quality. Does your e-commerce shop issue a receipt with BIR certification?

Megaoffice Furniture Shop offer brand new and surplus office / restaurant furniture items at super affordable prices. We are a multi branch furniture shop located at Metro Manila / Cavite / Laguna / Batangas / Bulacan / Pampanga or check us out at


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