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JARVIZ MESH CHAIR 2.0 : Full Ergonomic Computer Chair for the work from home setup

Are you one of those people who are working at home? Are you also one of those people are are suffering from body pain (neck or back pain) when you starting working at home? Well, do you know that more that 50% of people working at home suffering from some form of body pain? One of the culprit and main reason why people working at home suffer from these pain is because improper body posture while working. This is the reason why we introduce JARVIZ MESH CHAIR 2.0 which features a full back and head support for your home office setup. This chair offer recliner and tilt mechanism with heavy load capacity of 120 kilos capacity and equipped with a certified gas lift mechanism. Introductory price of P6,000 only. Curbside pick up and door-to-door delivery is available. Exclusively available at Megaoffice Furniture Shops Nationwide (Quezon city / Cavite / Laguna / Batangas / Bulacan / Pampanga) or check us out in Facebook or at


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